Dark Clown Presents Series


DCP Preview

Preview Issue

The 8 page preview issue introducing the first Dark Clown Studios storyline, Dark Clown Presents.

This series introduces Dr. Clark Down, a psychiatrist who treats multiple people with disparate phobias including Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. As the series progresses multiple former and current patients are introduced as Dr. Clark Down's alter ego slowly emerges to reveal Dark Clown. He is obsessed with perfection and won't accept any failure to cure each individual. He also has been tainted by his exposure to the mystical tome titled Dead Clowns.



Dark Clown Studios Presents Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015 10th Anniversary Convention Exclusive Issue

The TFW exclusive issue that provided a glimpse of Dr. Clark Down and the series characters and bits from the Dead Clowns book.


DCP Issue 1

Issue 1 - Tattooed Lady

This issue introduces Amy-Marie Menard who once suffered from Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, after a harrowing incident she witnessed as a child. After overcoming her phobia, she started her own tattoo shop where she meets a former patient of Dr. Clark Down's that had left treatment prior to being cured. Amy-Marie adopts her alter ego of Tattooed Lady to seek this former patient out so she can exact Dark Clown's revenge.


DCP Issue 2

Issue 2 - Balloons

This issue introduces Anthony James who started his own successful magic shop and also performed as a clown. After accidentally causing the person he most loved the ultimate harm, he developed Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. Dr. Clark Down ponders how Anthony overcame his phobia as Anthony adopts his alter ego of Balloons and seeks out his former love interest who had been a patient of Dr. Down's. She had left his treatment prior to being cured and Balloons exacts Dark Clown's revenge.


DCP Issue 3

Issue 3 - Juggler

This issue introduces Anastasia Dementieva, a world renowned juggler who has a past that claws back at her. Having witnessed clowns destroy her world, she was plunged into Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. Dr. Clark Down himself has been plunged into a search for a lost tome, but he is still able to focus on his task. The Juggler, Anastasia’s alter ego, makes her special appearance to an adoring fan, who was a former patient of Dr. Down’s, and now he finds himself falling for her.


DCP Issue 4

Issue 4 - Ventriloquist

This issue introduces Timothy King, an accomplished ventriloquist who has put together a demented show that takes the art form into the darkest recesses. Upon witnessing the horror that has befallen his parents, he is in fear that his lifetime struggle with Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, will return to haunt him. Dr. Clark Down also struggles with his responsibility to perform his research and his desire to find the Dead Clowns tome. The Ventriloquist, Timothy’s alter ego, visits his protégé to give him one last lesson.


DCP Issue 5

Issue 5 - Contortionist

This issue introduces Risa Aoi, an expert yoga instructor with a traumatic past. A clown masked robber rips her into a spiral of pain and fear, including Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. Dr. Clark Down is nearing the end of his analysis. The Contortionist, Risa’s alter ego, encounters a former patient of Dr. Down. An unrepentant perfectionist, he will experience the world of the Contortionist, but on her terms.


DCP Issue 6

Issue 6 - Mime

This issue introduces Julien De’Vilder, a mute survivor of childhood abuse who has mastered the art of mime. Having learned to control his Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, with Dr. Clark Down’s help, he wants to break free from his horrible upbringing. At last Dr. Clark Down completes the analysis of his former patients and he is now ready to reacquire the Dead Clowns book for his own dark purposes. The Mime, Julien’s alter ego, comes to a former patient of Dr. Down and uses his unique skills to put her in her place.


DCP Issue 7

Issue 7 - The Book

This issue takes us into the Clear Minds Center where Dr. Clark Down goes in search of the Dead Clowns book. The book contains the origins of the motley assortment of characters that Dr. Down has determined to bring to life through his former patients. His study of Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, merges with his desire for the power the book provides him. Dr. Christyna Cruz has mistakenly tried to use Clark and the book for her own ends, and she will deal with the cost of that decision.